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The External Module is an accessory to our 2ndLine™ Main Pack that attaches to the back, doubling it's capacity. It easily zips on and off and shares the same compression straps. Both the main pack and the External Module can be opened when they are attached without removing the External Module. It can also act as a stand alone pack, should the need arise, with its integrated shoulder straps. The External Module provides modularity and versatility by providing a means to pare down that pack when required. Multiple External Modules can be pre-packed for mission specific needs and attached during the appropriate the circumstance.

NSN: 6545-20-008-2913

Features Include:

  • Same capacity and internal configuration as the 2ndLine™ Pack

  • Attaches to 2ndLine™ Pack with zippers and compression straps

  • Integrated low profile shoulder straps

  • Size 20" x 14" x 4"


Weight: 1 kg

CTOMS 2ndLine External Module