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This isn’t your daddy’s rigger’s belt. Thick webbing and steel V-rings have gone the way of the steel pot helmet. This is the evolution in a lighter and much more versatile design. The M2 Belt 1 ¾” has the versatility to fit into combat trouser belt loops, or can be used in concert with our LPS or X-Belt™ PS padding, MOLLE and armor systems. Compatible with our M2-Leg Loop Assembly™, the belt instantly converts into a rappel harness. Size adjustable chassis, means one belt fits size 28 to 50 waists. Now get rid of that old school rigger’s belt, lighten your load, improve your safety and diversify in functionality. The M2-Belt™ was designed, manufactured and tested to meet ASTM standards.

M2-Belt™ Components:

  • 1 x 2-Part Adjustable Chassis;
  • 1 x Internal 1" Inner Tubular Nylon,Webbing with a 1" (Quick Release) Corba Buckle and Frame;


  • Available Colors: Black, Coyote Brown, & Ranger Green
  • Adjustable Waist Size: Accommodate's From 28" to 50" Waist;
  • Sleek Low Profile Design: Reduces Snag Points When Donning/Doffing;
  • 2-Part Chassis/Assembly: Allows for Small Size Adjustments Without Removing the Belt;
  • Light Weight: (175g / 6.17oz.).
  • Can be integrated with the X-Belt™ Padding System
  • Can be integrated with the M2-Leg Loop Assembly, Allowing for a full M2-Harness™ Configuration;
  • Designed, manufactured and tested to meet ASTM standards.