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******This is for the Coyote colour not multicam*******

IFAK (Individual First Aid Pouch) Small is an updated and more compact version of the CFA Medic Pouch also offered by SORD, yet offering the same and more functionality in a compact design. A new feature of the IFAK Small is a small externally accessible velcro closed glove pouch for the seperate storage of PPE gloves, a mandatory item when dealing with patient and casualty bodily fluids and open injuries. This small pouch will hold multiple gloves in a safe seperate pouch. One of the main benefits of this trusted battle proven design is the ability to tear the pouch off the platform and work with your tactical med kit next to your casualty instead of on your rig where it is awkward and constantly in the way.The IFAK Small with it’s single large tooth zip allows the pouch to open completely flat once released, exposing numerous internal elastic loops and sleeves holding ample basic medical supplies (not included) that could make the life saving difference.Internal loops will hold trauma bandages, field dressings, Auto-injectors, tourniquets etc.The tear away pouch will not break free until needed as it is attached by both Velcro and a solid tuck buckle for fast one hand release operation. This is a must have item for any front line soldiers.Requires two PALS columns for attachment.The pouch is designed to take up no more space than our classic 90RD Velcro.


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