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Do you have a Store?


Yes, we do. We have two locations one is in Oromocto NB, right next to CFB Gagetown, and the other is in Edmonton, AB.


Do you Stock all items listed on your website?

Most of the items displayed on the website we do carry, however if it's not currently in stock we can receive it from our vendors within 2-3 days once ordered.

I noticed you don't carry a brand I really like. Do you carry them or can you get items from them?

Battle Rattle has over a 100 different brands. While we try to promote as many as we can, reality is we can not. If there is a brand / item your interested in, we may have it and haven't been able to add it to the website, or we can go out and acquire it. If you notice a brand we don't have contact us at

I'm looking to get a quote?

We do quotes all the time. Just email us at explain what the item is and how many units your looking for.

How long will it take to receive my order?

If the item is in stock, and depending on where you are located it will take 1-2 weeks. If the item you requested is not in stock or on back order we are looking at 4-6 weeks.

I saw you carry a brand that I like but an item isn't listed on your site can I still order it from you?

Yes, email us at and we would be happy to get you a price and order that item for you.

I'm a deployed soldier and I would like to order an item from you can you ship to where I'm deployed?

Yes, we do this all the time. Find out what your mailing address is for the base your located on(most of the time it will go to CFB Trenton), include your tour name (OP UNIFER), your name, Rank, and service number. 

Im with a Agency that would like to purchase a bulk order do you guys give a discount?

Yes, we deal with bids and deal with large orders and we would be happy to give a discount. Please email for your order quote.

What is your Return Policy?

please see our Return Policy page 

How does Non-regularly stocked items work?

Battle Rattle carries over a 100 different brands, and we can not stock them all. However we have added non-regularly stocked items, onto our website to allow customers to be able to still order these item. Because these are non-stocked items the wait time for these orders can take 4-6 weeks. Your order that contains a mix of regular stocked items and non-stocked item will be placed on hold until the completed order arrives. Non-regularly stocked items will be identified as such on their page, and will not be allowed for returns. however wrong sizes and standard warranty issues would follow under the normal guidelines.

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