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Designed by Tactical Innovations Canada

OTW Cold weather wear (Triple layer) Ripstop/Cotton, Polar fleece, Moisture wicking polyester

Our Tactical Combat Shirt aka OTW (Outside the Wire) Shirt are designed for maximum breathability, maximum stretchability and maximum comfort, with the extended length of the shirt body your shirt will always stay tucked .



  • 15% / 85% - Poly/Cotton Extended Length Front panel
  • 15% / 85% - Poly/Cotton Extended length Back panel
  • 35% / 65% - Poly/Cotton Ripstop Arms
  • 100% Polyester - Winter Fleece Layer
  • Polyester / Polyurethane blended - Moisture Wicking Layer 


  • Modified Mandarin Collar for better neck coverage
  • Traditional Arm pockets on both arms c/w 4"wide Velcro area
  • Elbow pad pockets
  • Full Velcro Cuff
  • 9" Nylon Zipper

This item is not approved or endorsed by the CAF. It also is not recommended for combat use, it does not contain IR fighting materials, and is not flame retardant.

OTW Combat Shirt - TIC Mulitcam Arctic - Triple Layer Fabric

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