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Made of waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex® fabric, the Stealth Suit offers outstanding protection from wind and rain. This unique garment, which is made in Canada in our unionized factory, can be worn under any multitude of outer shells and garments so the wearer remains dry and comfortable. The Gore-Tex® Stealth Suit is sold to various DND departments, Paramilitary, Police Departments and companies within the oil industry throughout Canada. Its simple yet multifunctional design makes the Gore-Tex® Stealth Suit a perfect addition to any field ensemble. The design of this field suit is exclusive to Peerless Garments LP and is manufactured using top quality Gore-Tex®. Stealth Suits are manufactured on site in our unionized factory.All seams are sealedWater proof, wind proof and breathableLightweight and easily incorporated into garment systems

Peerless Stealth Pants

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